Building underground requires a specific set of skills and knowledge. The Basement Structures team are experienced in using all the construction methods you’ll need for your project.

Shell & Core

We complete the shell and core work of your basement, leaving you with a sound structure to transform into a useable living space.


We excavate the space safely and efficiently, while keeping the site tidy and without unnecessarily encroaching on the surrounding living space.


Underpinning is a main-stay of basement construction. We carry out all the necessary works to strengthen and stablise the existing building while creating the new underground structure.


Basement Structures can manage the groundworks required in preparation for the construction, including surface and underground drainage, utilities ducting and trench foundations.


Where the framework of your new-build home is the same as the basement shell, we can continue our work upwards to build the superstructure for your entire project.


Effective waterproofing is one of the most important aspects of any underground construction. After assessing the ground conditions of your home, we determine the most appropriate method, or combination of methods, to ensure your basement is water-tight.


We undertake all types of piling and use the most appropriate methods for the project in-hand.

Warantees and Guarantees

It’s important to select a construction company with the correct specialist insurances for undertaking a basement project. We provide 10-year insurance backed guarantees on all of our projects, and many of the construction products we install come with 30 year warrantees.


If you’re looking for further information, please get in touch – we’d be happy to discuss your project’s requirements in detail.

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